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 Castle Of Owls (1963)

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PostSubject: Castle Of Owls (1963)   Mon Oct 20, 2008 9:11 am

From the pen of noted author Shiba Ryutaro comes this classic ninja story set during the final days of the Sengoku Period. Commonly referred to as the 'Era of Warring Clans', this was the most exciting period in Japanese history as the most powerful warlords vied to become the supreme ruler of Japan, the Shogun.With war against Korea looming on the horizon, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the 'Taiko' becomes the target of an assassination attempt to be carried out by the Iga Clan of ninja spies. Master spy Tsuzura Juzo (Otomo Ryutaro) is assigned the task, but first he must defeat a former Iga spy who has become a traitor, and outwit the treacherous woman that is trying to seduce him. Outstanding action, great story, enter the era of the Ninja!

Simply one of the best Ninja films ever created, on all levels, some of the most amazing adaptations of Ninja tactics, no nonsense here. Also in this film you get another amazing performance by Otomo Ryutaro, one of the best in chambara & Martial Arts film in general.
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Castle Of Owls (1963)
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