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 Sting Of The Dragon Master (1973)

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PostSubject: Sting Of The Dragon Master (1973)   Mon Oct 20, 2008 1:04 am

Always was & always will be one of the best films featuring Angela Mao ((Mao Lin Ying) & on top of that you get a top notch butt kicking performance by Jhoon Rhee,as well as many others this film, just amazing,, set in the 1930's in Japanese occupied sections of Korea is where all the action takes place in this film, some of the best fights in Kung Fu cinema & plenty of them as well. Anyone else dig this classic? or Mao in general?

I also recently watched the only film staring Angela Mao I have not seen yet Dance Of Death I think the only reason I liked this film is because she was is in it other than that it is waaaay to goofy for my taste, and with Jackie Chan being the fight choreographer for this film does not help matters out none. I will give it this it's very colorful & has a few priceless fight scenes, now I know why this was the only Mao film I never bothered with until recently.

Other favorites Mao favorites include Moonlight Sword and Jade Lion, Broken Oath a Lady Snowblood rip off but still cool, Lady Kung Fu & Deadly China Doll!!.....I guess all of them I like just some better than others!
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Sting Of The Dragon Master (1973)
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