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 Nail Gun Massacre

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Tom K

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PostSubject: Nail Gun Massacre   Sat Oct 18, 2008 5:23 pm

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Another one of those "so bad its good" flicks...This one may take the cake though...

Basic plot...a girl gets raped by some workers at a construction site...shortly after, a masked killer starts dispatching said workers...with a nail gun no less...and with a CO2 tank strapped to his back...

And lets not forget the sheriff and town doctor that track the killer!!!

A lot of fun and required viewing...

Synapse put out a great DVD of this and should be widely available...I also have a limited release that the director put out about a year before the Synapse release...

To wet your appetites, I'll post a few of the liner notes in the Synapse release penned by all around good guy and movie dude, Michael Felsher...

Twenty Things I Learned From Watching Nail Gun Massacre

1. If you dress up in standard-issue Army camouflage, you will be invisible to the
human eyes even if you are standing only a few feet in front of them with a big
yellow oxygen tank on your back.

2. It is possible to die quickly from a few nails embedded in your hands and
shoulders, even if no major arteries or organs are injured in the process.

3. Apparently if you are a rampaging psycho killer it is possible to adjust your height
by nearly a foot between murders or even during the same murder.

5. If you leave a session of lovemaking with your unbelievably hot girlfriend with
some of the most fantastic breasts in human history so you can go out and "chop
wood" with your best buddy, you are clearly gay.

7. When a series of brutal slayings is occurring in your town, the local sheriff should
not call federal authorities, or anyone else for that matter, to help because that
would be too easy.

8. Also, if you are the sheriff investigating these vicious crimes, always make sure to
spend a lot of time driving about town drinking coffee and stuffing your face with

11. A nail gun has the power to pin a man's hands to the hard asphalt of a Texas
highway with such force that the man has no chance of freeing himself.

17. If you are the town doctor, it will be up to you to do most of the heavy lifting in
regards to the detective work (i.e. calling for outside help) as the sheriff will be too
busy abiding by Rule #7 and using up his time with Rule #8.

18. When you have determined who the most likely suspects are in the killings around
town, make sure you don't actually arrest them or question them, but continue to
have arguments about your theories while the gory killings continue.

Check it out,,,you'll have a blast!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Nail Gun Massacre   Sun Nov 23, 2008 9:52 pm

yeah its really bad, but thats what makes it good, and your 18 things was fucking hilarious
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Night Of The Nerd

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PostSubject: Re: Nail Gun Massacre   Tue May 12, 2009 5:04 pm

This isnt a "so bad its good" movie for me at all. I thought it just blew.

Would have been a 100X better if the audio was good!
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Tom K

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PostSubject: Re: Nail Gun Massacre   Wed May 13, 2009 1:42 am

Some people get it, some people don't...It's all good...
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PostSubject: Re: Nail Gun Massacre   

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Nail Gun Massacre
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