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 Wavelength (1983)

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PostSubject: Wavelength (1983)   Tue May 12, 2009 10:34 am

In this sci-fi film, rock musician Bobby Sinclaire (Robert Carradine) and his girlfriend, Iris Longacre (Cherie Currie), discover that the U. S. government is holding a group of benign aliens prisoner. When the
government threatens to experiment on these unfortunate extraterrestrials, it is up to Bobby and friends to help them escape. The musical group Tangerine Dream provided the music for this film.

Pretty killer low budget Sc-Fi film in my opinion, tons of atmosphere & a unique approach they used for the aliens. Cherie is surprisingly good in it as well, and hot of course! If one can find this lost gem check it out, I have to give kudos to the score as well, funny thing is it almost seems some of it was exact to Ridley Scott's "Legend" score, which I found very strange. Laughing

"the ground beyond is sour"
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Wavelength (1983)
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