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 The Executioner (1974)

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PostSubject: The Executioner (1974)   Sun Nov 02, 2008 3:30 pm

Martial arts legend Sonny Chiba stars in the violent but humorous action film THE EXECUTIONER. When the police become helpless to stop the flow of drugs into Japan, one narcotics officer decides to take an unorthodox approach to the problem. He hires three convicts to infiltrate the drug ring and take down its leaders. Lead by an expert martial artist (Chiba), the three men agree to help the police, leading to an orgy of violence and action--in fact, some of Chiba's fans have called this his most brutal film. THE EXECUTIONER reunited Chiba with director Teruo Ishii after their collaboration in STREET FIGHTER'S LAST REVENGE.

Always a favorite of mine when it comes to master Chiba, this classic has all the right elements, a twisted plot even more twisted villains, some of the best over the top fight scenes the 70's Martial Arts exploitation films can offer & it also has the right balance of sleaze & humor, but not taking it to far to where the serious enthusiast will be let down! I recommend checking this bad boy out!

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The Executioner (1974)
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