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 Hang 'Em High (1968)

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PostSubject: Hang 'Em High (1968)   Sun Nov 02, 2008 3:20 pm

They riddled him with bullets. They strung him up. They left him to die. But they made two fatal mistakes: The hanged the wrong man ... and they didn't finish the job. In his first American-made western, Clint Eastwood indelibly carves his niche as the quintessential tough guy - cool headed, iron-willed and unrelenting in his pursuit of revenge.

Oklahoma, 1873. Jed Cooper (Eastwood), mistaken for a cattle rustler and killer, is lynched on the spot by rancher Captain Wilson (Ed Begley) and a rampaging band of vigilantes. But as Wilson and his gang ride off wih Coopers horse and saddle, there's one very important detail they overlooked - Cooper wasn't dead yet. Saved in the nick of time by a sheriff riding by, thrown into jail until his story was checked out - and then is offered the job of Marshall in order to bring hard-handed justice

Not a Spaghetti Western but damn near close enough as you can definitely tell that director Ted Post sure taken many influences from the Italian genre!! A classic in it's own right and one of my personal favorites when it comes to Eastwood westerns!!

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Hang 'Em High (1968)
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