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 Return Of The Living Dead

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PostSubject: Return Of The Living Dead   Sun Oct 26, 2008 8:38 pm

The zombie movie they dont always have to be dark and evil as Return Of The Living Dead shows us they can also have a bit of dark humor to them. Dan O'Bannon brought us this classic after a rewrite from a script by John Russo. What we have here is a look at Romero's original film being a true story about a chemical called 2 4 5 trioxin bringing back the dead. I am glad O'Bannon rewrote Russo's original script which was supposed to be a direct sequal to notld. A great story and some decent characters round out this movie, two points make this a perfect movie for me, first the tarman zombie and then the hottest dead woman in the world trash
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Return Of The Living Dead
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