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 Konga (1961)

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PostSubject: Konga (1961)   Sun Oct 26, 2008 2:54 pm

Dr.Decker comes back from Africa after a year, presumed dead. During that year, he came across a way of growing plants and animals to an enormous size. He brings back a baby chimpanzee to test out his theory. As he has many enemies at home, he decides to use his chimp, 'Konga' to 'get rid of them'. Then Konga grows to gigantic proportions and reaks havoc all over the city of London!!

Pretty fun film, it has some very fun and entertaining highlights throughout the film & the suit they used I thought was prety killer I also love the carnivorous exotic plants, how can you not.

Michael Gough as Dr. Decker is an ace performance as well, he plays the perfect skilled mad scientist! with a real sleek & sleazy side to him.

Any other fans?

"the ground beyond is sour"
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Konga (1961)
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